Robert Aday, also known as RC, was the father of Ron and Ken Aday. RC had originally opened College Shoe Shop in Redland, California. When RC opened a new location in Arkansas, he left his original shop in California for his son Ken to run. RC then opened up College Shoe Shop in Mountain Home. Business back then was slow so RC sold the repair shop and moved here to Fayetteville and opened College Shoe Shop in 1976 at its current location. RC retired and left the shop to Ron, who hired Duaine Peck. In 1998, Duaine bought College Shoe Shop from Ron and fruitfully ran the business for the following 18 years. Adam came to work with Duaine in 2007 and learned the ins and outs of the business. After buying College Shoe Shop in 2016, he continues to run it with same welcoming customer service since 1976! Come on in and check it out for yourself!

The building has changed little over the years. We were originally a gas station but have been converted into the retail/repair store sitting on Martin Luther King Blvd. today! Much has changed in Fayetteville, but the little red building on the corner has not.

Adam is more than just the owner of College Shoe Shop; he’s a fantastic leader, father to two amazing children – Isaac & Isabella – and a lucky husband to his wife – Heather. Most of his adult life has been dedicated to providing the best footwear possible for his customers and his passion for the business shows! Adam takes so much pride in his family, faith and his community by being the guy that everyone can count on. You can usually find him organizing the lighting and sound at his church, lending a hand at his local fire department, or helping a family member or friend when they need him. You’d be hard pressed to find a more honest, reliable, or welcoming sales experience than the one that Adam can provide. If you’re needing an expert opinion on what your feet need, stop by the store and ask for Adam today!

Katey is our main lady here at College Shoe Shop! She provides out of this world customer service that will knock your socks off. If you’ve got questions, just look for a bouncing blonde ponytail and she’ll give you some answers! Outside of work, she’s also a proud mama to her daughter  K’Lynne, two puppies – Bear & Nova. She is newly engaged to her fiancé Lynn, they are busy preparing for their wedding this coming spring! A unanimous vote proves that she’s a fun lady to work with; but don’t let her great sense of humor fool you. She’s hardworking and strives to make all customer experiences the best they can be! Motivated by her faith and her family, Katey is driven to be the best mother she can be so that she is able to live a long and happy life. It wouldn’t disappoint her if she ended up in Ireland and Iceland at some point in her life though! Stop by and talk to Katey about your new shoe or shoe care needs today!

Ariana has been at College Shoe Shop for a few years now and she knows her way around a sewing machine. As our star seamstress, she’s got the personality and skill to help you with any projects you might think of! Ariana came all the way from Greencastle, Pennsylvania to get her degree from the University of Arkansas. Now she’s going to school (and is planning to graduate soon), working at the shop, and taking care of her adorable puppy (who tags along with her to work) – Gandalf. Ariana loves to read romance novels, crochet, and cook food for whoever needs some. She’s got an amazing sense of humor and her dancing skills are pretty stellar. She’ll be happy to receive her degree in English Literature, but her #1 goal in life is to marry Jason Mamoa (I mean, isn’t that everyone’s goal???). If you need anything from sewing a shoe, dying a purse, or wanting a new pair of boots all together, come on by and chat with Ariana about your projects today!

Jon will create an experience at College Shoe Shop that you will not forget any time soon! He’s usually completing repairs in the back of the store, but you’ll be able to tell he’s there without even seeing him. He’s got a zest for life and his shrieking shows it! Jon has every reason to be ecstatic about life with four wonderful children – Madison, Waverly, Jax & Pyper – and a beautiful, loving wife – Candace. He is involved in his local ministry through his talent on the drums and passion for his faith. He hasn’t made a bucket list (we think he’ll make “making a bucket list” #1 on it though), but he’s got aspirations to visit every state in the U.S. and share his musical talents. Come on by and talk to Jon about giving your boots new life or buying a new pair if you’re looking for stellar and friendly customer service!

As a native to Fayetteville, Garry not only knows his way around town, but also a good pair of boots! He is head of our mobile sales department and will deliver the right shoes for you right to your job site. If he’s not working hard on our mobile sales truck, you’ll most likely find Garry with his nose in a good book or playing some rockin’ tunes on his guitar. He’s currently living the bachelor life out in the country of Greenland, Arkansas with his two dogs – Mollie & Ollie – and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He would like to someday travel to Lake Baikal in Siberia, but his true passion in life is to stay local and create a home for himself that he can take pride in. If you are looking for a sales experience within the store or one that requires a bit of travel, contact Garry today or stop by the store to make arrangements!